Goals for the New Year

Everyone usually breaks their New Year’s resolutions within the first week or so, and I think part of the reason is that the word “resolution” is kind of intimidating. When you ‘resolve’ to do something, it means that you are committing yourself wholeheartedly to completing a task. This can be intimidating if you have little to no experience with the task in question; ‘resolving’ to complete such a novel undertaking is akin to committing to marriage without first dating.

In contrast, I believe the term ‘goal’ to be more encouraging. A goal is something you aim for, but aren’t obliged to necessarily reach. A goal is something able to be broken down into smaller parts, smaller ‘goals’, which can make the journey of reaching a goal less arduous. A goal is something that grabs your motivation, while still allowing you freedom to decide how to adjust and navigate.

For these reasons, this year I have no resolutions, but I have several goals. And since my mind is constantly careening with various thoughts and things I want to do in a very disorganized fashion, I thought that it would be beneficial to write down my goals for this year here, on this blog, so I can always refer back to them and help myself stay on course.

And so, my goals for 2016 are:

  1. Create a WordPress blog. 

(Oh look at that, got one done already. :D)

2. Get a job either working with children or something environmental.

3. Work on my art and figure out how best to sell it.

4. Begin synthesizing information for my project.

5. Learn how to knit.

6. Write a book.2016



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