There’s a lesson in everything

Since 2016 has begun, a lot of shit has happened to me. And the frustrating part of it all is that all that shit could have easily been avoided had I been more careful. Had I been more careful, I would have not have gotten scammed, I would have not have hit that parked car, I could have kept an argument with a friend from escalating to the point that it did, I could have prevented a lot more undesirable situations.

I started feeling really down on myself, thinking of all the trouble I could have avoided and all of the aftermath I’m still dealing with as a result of my actions and inaction. And then I realized, all these shitty experiences are lessons. This is essentially the universe screaming at me to get my shit together, to be careful, to put more thought into the things I do.

And also, all the things that have happened are comparatively small things. Sure, I got scammed and lost $150, but there are other people who get scammed and lose thousands of dollars. And instead of hitting a parked car, I could have hit a moving car which would have resulted in far greater and more serious consequences, both for me and the other driver.

The things I have encountered are shitty, annoying, and troublesome, but things could be a lot worse. And I would rather learn my lesson to be careful from small mistakes than from large ones.

So my advice to everyone that has had something shitty happen to them recently is to maintain a sense of perspective, and look for the lesson inside the shitty thing. Don’t let the shitty things that happen to you be worthless experiences that bring you down – use them to make yourself into a stronger, smarter person.


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