Drawing my thoughts out

Every now and then, whenever I’m frustrated, or angry, or anxious, or just have an excess of energy, I will reach for a piece of paper and a pencil and just draw all my thoughts and feelings onto the page. When I’m angry I will usually scribble, pressing the point of my pencil as hard as I can, relishing at the darkness of lead on the page. When I am frustrated or anxious I just let my pencil do the thinking and blindly follow it, not caring about how ugly the resulting art is, just satisfied to be able to find release for the sputtering emotions inside of me. And when I just have an excess of energy I will usually focus on creation, making my abstract designs have purpose and beauty on the page.

There is just something so calming about the sound of a pencil point brushing against paper, something so magical in watching your brain work, seeing the results of the signals that it send to your hands. And there is something so wonderful in knowing no matter how ugly your resultant drawing is, it is yours, and only yours – it is something that never existed in this world until you made it. It is just such a pleasure, after spending most of your life consuming things (food, resources, TV, etc.) to be able to create something yourself. To be able to say: “This is mine. It may be ugly, flawed, and not liked by others, but it is mine.”

Drawing lets you escape your mind, but also see what is in your mind. It lets you see how your brain can express itself – especially when you are not drawing with a specific image in your head. When you just sit down and start drawing lines and shapes on the paper, you begin to see all the different ways those lines can twist and turn and collide, the various figures and designs they can create. Drawing allows you to see your own creativity in action and find release at the same time.



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