Sinking into warmth

When I was in high school, I spent many cold mornings sitting at the kitchen table trying to stomach my food while still being half-asleep. My arms would be covered in goosebumps and I would long to return to my cozy, warm bed. At times like these, my morning tea was an indispensable comfort.

I would clasp my hands around the warm mug and imagine the heat spreading throughout the rest of my body, protecting me from the cold. I would stare into the golden depths, bringing my nose close so that the steam caressed my face, wishing I could just fall in. I imagined it would have been similar to an aromatic, warm bath.

Now I’m no longer in school, but now and then when I have my tea (especially during stressful times) I find myself staring at the center of my mug, once again longing to submerge myself into its depths. Nowadays, the color is dark red, because I drink black tea more often than green tea, and the aroma is different – more earthy – but the feelings of peace and detachment from reality are the same. My childhood habit of focusing on the thing in front of me until I lose myself in it is very much still alive and one of the ways I de-stress.

It’s also one of the ways I add beauty to my life. I absolutely love the captivating crimson color of my black tea just as I love sinking my gaze into the viridescent trees and other leafy, green plants that fill up the woods behind my house in the summer. And now that it is winter I find my mind joining the snowflakes in their waltz (and sometimes salsa) through the air. Taking a step away from the cluttered recesses of my mind and into the moment allows me to immerse myself in warmth and beauty. 🙂


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