I drink in solitude like tea, slowly, letting it pour into my body and warm me up. Peace flows throughout my veins and my whole body breathes freely. Solitude gives me the freedom to be me, to not have to worry about other people – what they expect from me, what words I should or should not say, what they think of me – solitude just lets me be. 

One of my favorite things to do when I’m alone is to sit on the carpet in my living room in the sunlight and just drink my tea. I love sitting there, cradled in the warmth of my home, looking outside into the sunny world. I sink into the quiet, and my ears delight in the fact that the only sound to be heard is the soft humming of the house. My existence truly feels real during those times. It stretches out to fill the room and I feel myself a part of the ticking of time.

When I’m alone, I don’t feel the pressure and the anxiety to do anything, it’s enough to simply exist. When I’m alone, just being alive seems incredibly precious and beautiful.

via Photo Challenge: Solitude


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