Staring contest with a deer

This deer matches its home so well you can barely see it. šŸ™‚

I was walking through a nature reserve today when I came across this little deer and her little friend (not pictured). This deer and I stared at each other for several long minutes as I tried not to breath, my feet rooted to the ground. It seemed both confused and curious – whenever I would stand still it would go back to chewing something on the ground as if it had decided I was some sort of non-threatening large plant, but whenever I made any sort of slight movement its head would dart back up to stare at me.

Its little friend had actually walked up to within 5 feet of me which was wonderful and a bit alarming as I briefly pictured it nipping at my fingers. However, when I made a slight movement to get my camera out, this startled the little deer and it walked behind the trees. When it peeked out at me later, somehow it seemed too intimate of a moment to photograph – the deer felt to me like another intelligent being, more like a person than animal, and so I put my camera away.

It was a wonderful, magical little walk. šŸ™‚

via Photo Challenge: A Good Match


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