One of deepest desires and real goals in my life is a very simple one actually. I dream of my own sunlit room where I can write and draw and create, an uncluttered peaceful place where no one will disturb me, where I can just quietly work. The rest of the house or apartment that is attached to that room is not as important as that room itself. I desire and crave a sanctuary.

Currently I don’t have a place like that. I make do with the library, although I always have to wear earplugs because there’s always at least one disruptive person. And when the library is closed I work at home, although my room is too cluttered with books and clothes and things that it feels like more of an oppressive environment than one conducive to creating. Not to mention I still live at home, (that is, my parents’ home) so I usually have to wear earplugs there as well when I write because otherwise my train of thought is forced to a halt with every loud voice and noise.

The desire for a place of my own permeates my mind every so often and I find myself fantasizing about that room. I imagine a large glass window with sunlight streaming through onto a wooden desk with a small plant in one corner – an ivy or Aloe vera or fern, I still haven’t decided – the only thing that’s important is that it’s alive and vibrantly green. There isn’t much else on the desk except for my computer and a couple of pencils and pens, but there is a large drawer alongside one of the walls where all my supplies are kept: papers, notebooks, markers, colored pencils, etc. There’s also one bookshelf in the room with each book carefully chosen, each an inspiring work in its own unique way, opening new horizons in my mind to explore and use for creation. Other than that, one of the most important things in that room is space. Freedom to move, to sprawl on the carpet, to dance. Freedom and space are essential to a creative room.

In the meantime, I dream and work, so that one day I may attain this desire. 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Desire


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