College memories

My footsteps quicken against the pavement
as I turn walking into jogging,
breath coming out in short gasps against my chest
which rises and falls like a wave,
I can feel a tsunami building.

Running now,
my feet smack-smacking against the pavement,
vision jaggedly darting
like an EEG during epilepsy,
pavement sky tree person building bike rack umbrella
So it isn’t just my sweat soaking into my collar,
the sky has turned on a sprinkler.

But before it turns into a Niagara
I am up!
one, two, three, four
and In!

Snaking through the halls
left right left
I find the door and walk in

to take an exam.


via Daily Prompt: Quicken



It’s amazing how much better it feels to no longer be sick. I’m still experiencing some after-effects of my cold, but for the most part I’m completely better again. Even just to be able to type this feels great. 🙂 The past several days have been so lethargic and languishing, it felt like my body was stuck in a swamp while my head was lost in a fog. My body felt like a weak shell, passive and spiritless. So now, being able to feel my strength again feels amazing. 🙂 My muscles are begging to go work out, to move, to feel how strong they can be. My body is tired of sitting and laying around, it wants to MOVE!

Whenever I recover from being sick I think about how lucky I have it. Here I am, well again, while there are others with chronic illnesses who don’t get better. Specifically those with chronic pain. Pain is something that is very difficult to study, since it is a subjective experience whose cause(s) may not be apparent to the physician as pain can arise from various sources. Sometimes one organ is damaged but the pain is felt in another organ. In some cases, there might not be any actual mechanical damage to the body, but the mind creates the feeling of pain. In other cases, pain signals that should have stopped firing to the brain keep doing so, and so the person continues to feel pain even after the injury has long healed.

People who live with chronic illnesses and chronic pain have to deal with the debilitating symptoms of these illnesses every day of their lives, unless they become one of the lucky ones that find a treatment that actually works for them and, most importantly, have the money to pay for said treatment(s).

Every time I am sick and recover, I remember how thankful I should be for my health. Because when I’m not sick I take it for granted, something that would be a miracle for those with chronic illnesses/pain is a normal occurrence for me. It’s easy to forget what a gift good health is when you have it, but it really is incredibly important and precious as it directly affects the quality of your everyday life.

For that reason, it is important to take steps to protect your health, which most of us know at this point is essentially eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. However, while these are important, it is equally crucial to not be obsessive or go overboard in these areas. Eating healthy doesn’t mean sticking to a strict diet and never having sweets. Eating healthy means eating a variety of foods, most of which should be plants (veggies, legumes, grains, fruits), and trying to eating more unprocessed food than processed  (like making your own salad dressing or tomato sauce instead of buying it already-made from the store). Same thing with exercise – you don’t need to go to the gym for hours every day, vigorous exercise (the kind that gets your heart rate up) for 30 minutes every day is good for keeping most people healthy, although of course there are individual differences. And if you’re having a busy week and just don’t have the time, remember some exercise is still better than no exercise.

That being said, it’s time for me to go swimming! 🙂