Toxic friends

Toxic friends
burn like stomach acid
when you’ve thrown up.
Even with them out of your system,
a rancid taste lingers in your mouth.

Your stomach is empty and hungry,
begging to be filled.
But while it may be quick and easy
to fill it with chips and cookies,
only a nourishing meal
will truly satiate it.

So you wash and peel and chop the vegetables,
grease the frying pan,
throw down some garlic and spices,
listen for that sensuous sizzle before
adding zucchini, red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes,
while in the other pot you have rice cooking,
and in another pan a fat fillet of salmon
needing to be turned over,
lemon juice squeezed,
black pepper ground.

Time and effort pay off
and deliver you a meal that satisfies all your senses.

Time and effort make you forget
that rancid meat
that looked so appetizing on the surface,
so delectable to chew,
but once inside you,
poisoned you.

Time and effort bring friends into your life
who are nourishing,
and nontoxic.


Happy Ponchiki Day! :)

(Or otherwise known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, or, using the Polish word, Paczki day)

I use the word “ponchiki” because this the Ukrainian word for the infamous delicious jelly doughnuts, and thus the word I’ve used all my life (I’m Ukrainian).

Fat Tuesday is the day before Lent, and thus the last day of “feasting” before the Lenten season starts. During Lent (if you are an observer) you’re supposed to abstain from certain luxuries and certain foods, thus Fat Tuesday is a day of celebration and a good excuse to stuff your face with all sorts of fatty and sweet foods. 😀

Now as an atheist I don’t observe Lent anymore, but I sure as hell observe Fat Tuesday :D. Ponchiki are just too delicious. They come in so many flavors too! Blackberry, apricot, blueberry, lemon, custard, raspberry, etc. Aside from the heavenly jelly fillings, the doughnuts themselves are yellow-colored from all the egg yolks used to make the dough, so they are very filling. They are dusted with powdered sugar for a bit of extra sweetness, which makes them look like lovely snow-covered golden hills.

Pictured above are two halves of ponchiki that I had with my tea this afternoon, one custard and the other blackberry. 🙂 They were both simply scrumptious, and I highly recommend getting some if you live in an area where they are sold! (Ponchiki protip: the best ones are sold in Polish/Ukrainian/Russian stores 🙂 ).