Volcanic Woman

My core is unsettled.

Shifting fault lines
thatΒ tease and push against
the magma bubbling underneath.
Potential volcano,
but I’m trying to soothe the friction,
lower the pressure,
stop my tectonic plates from

I inhale, exhale
to bring my core back into Balance.
Standing tall,
focusing on the trees extending from my fingers,
the hills rolling over my hips,
the grasses swaying with my hair,
the clouds rising from my lips,
my core settling, settling…
…Am I settling?

Maybe an eruption is what I need.


via Daily Prompt: Core


Saturday afternoon coffee thoughts

Yet another weekend afternoon where coffee is not an option, but a necessity. I feel that during the week all the sleep that I miss builds up and hits me full force on the weekends, because although last night I got a nice nine hours of sleep, today I just feel worn down. Hence, caffeine!

It’s 77 degrees outside apparently and I am excited to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather, although it is quite a bit too warm for spring. However, it is perfect weather to lie outside underneath a shady tree. πŸ™‚ The earth is smelling wonderful now and is full of life wriggling about, and nature has begun to weave sprightly green vines into her hair. The air molecules have unfrozen and swiftly fly through my nose and fill up my lungs, making me light and full of energy. The bees that have survived through the past pesticide-full year have come back to enjoy their symbiotic relationship with the flowers. And the flowers! Sunny daffodils and heart-red tulips, delicate white flowering trees, and cheerful dandelions are all unfurled and basking in the warmth.

And now that the caffeine has sufficiently blocked my adenosine receptors, I’m going to head out and step into Spring. πŸ™‚

The Conjuring

She added blood to fire,
sprinkling in the ocean’s tears,
and the feather from a phoenix’s tail.

Three rose thorns disappeared in the smoke,
two halves of an acorn followed,
and one black currant berry, ripe and juicy.

Hands now still at her sides
she closed her eyes and whispered
and formed the image in her mind.

A black paw scratched at her leg.
Smiling, the witch reached down
and picked up her conjured creation,
a little black kitten.


via Daily Prompt: Conjure

Spring is almost here! :)

I was walking in the woods by my house today, reveling in the warmth of the sunshine, listening to birds chatter, looking at the glistening clumps of snow slowly dissolve, feeling excited because the first signs of spring have started to sprout through the earth. πŸ™‚

And in the air! When I was trying to get a closer look a red cardinal who was joyfully singing, I noticed some small hints of green in the shrubs along the path. Taking a closer look I saw that these were small buds that had just recently burst open (picture above). These tiny, delicate reservoirs of life seemed so happy and cheerful in the sunlight, as if they were eager to get started on growing and developing.

Although the trees haven’t yet joined in in opening their buds, their branches were still full of life with birds and squirrels and other little animals flitting about. I watched a few wood peckers working hard to get a tasty treat, their beaks drumming against the trees like natural percussion players. Meanwhile squirrels scampered from tree to tree, their fluffy tails gracefully flowing with every hop and leap.

I stood next to a tree and rested against its dry, warm bark imagining a dryad sleeping inside, only to awaken on the Spring Equinox in four days. My boots sunk in the squishy, squelching mud as I gazed at the shadow of the tree’s branches on the ground, stretching out like lung bronchi. The air felt like a heart starting back up after cardiac arrest, pulsating with stronger and stronger life force, Spring just around the corner πŸ™‚

Tree and Me

Basking in stillness and sun

I’m sitting in the library right now, listening to the wind roar outside while simultaneously soaking in the quiet inside πŸ™‚ The sun is shining through blinds creating a lovely segmented shadow across this large wooden table. It shines into my cup of French vanilla coffee mixed with hot chocolate and makes the tiny bubbles of foam sparkle delicately against the white cup.Β 

I came here to work, but now find myself becoming a part of the stillness, and just enjoying the fruits of my sensory systems. The warmth of sun on my skin makes me dream of spring and summer, of days spent lying on a blanket outside, watching the clouds swim by. My mind joins in the relaxation of my muscles and it becomes more laborious to write these words. I think I’ll take a nap.

We’re drying up

Like locusts swarming wheat,
they poured into the watering hole,
filling it up with their heaving, desperate bodies
and purging it of that precious liquid
that once lazily laid
in trenches, canals, channels,
soaking in its own molecules
indulging in its own wetness.

Now that once moisturized earth has chapped lips,
dry and cracked from drought
and overuse, misuse, and pollution
of her most precious resource.


via Daily Prompt: Swarm

From hesitating to creating

Hesitation is detrimental to creation
Opportunities sail on the river of time
but wait too long and they waterfall off the cliff,
smashing to bits on the jagged rocks below.

Jump in and grab them!
Even if you do not know how to swim,
the water is still shallow here
and you will not drown.

Wade out and pluck their lily petals
pink, violet, cloud blue, sunny yellow,
gathering them together
you have your own kaleidoscopic creation. πŸ™‚


via Daily Prompt: Hesitate