Toxic friends

Toxic friends
burn like stomach acid
when you’ve thrown up.
Even with them out of your system,
a rancid taste lingers in your mouth.

Your stomach is empty and hungry,
begging to be filled.
But while it may be quick and easy
to fill it with chips and cookies,
only a nourishing meal
will truly satiate it.

So you wash and peel and chop the vegetables,
grease the frying pan,
throw down some garlic and spices,
listen for that sensuous sizzle before
adding zucchini, red peppers, broccoli, tomatoes,
while in the other pot you have rice cooking,
and in another pan a fat fillet of salmon
needing to be turned over,
lemon juice squeezed,
black pepper ground.

Time and effort pay off
and deliver you a meal that satisfies all your senses.

Time and effort make you forget
that rancid meat
that looked so appetizing on the surface,
so delectable to chew,
but once inside you,
poisoned you.

Time and effort bring friends into your life
who are nourishing,
and nontoxic.


In a purple state of mind

Purple is the color of passion
shivers of anxiety racing through my nerves
action potentials firing off

connecting-connecting-connecting-connecting-connecting-connecting-every neuron-connecting

dendritic chaotic fractals spiraling out
every inch of my skin is pricked,
the electricity looking for a way out

My amygdala spits out emotion like a nail gun
my heart and brain under attack
Purple, purple
leaks out my eyes
and sails the sound waves out my mouth
while my brain changes like a chameleon:
Excited magenta
Melancholy violet
Dark, stormy aubergine

Sizzling and boiling, something is cooking.

via Daily Prompt: Purple


Rumination is an intoxicating drink
that makes you want to think and think and think
because maybe if I think enough I can solve this,
he will love me,
she will forgive me,
they will give me another chance.

Rumination, empty sensation,
a tangled knot that won’t unravel
no matter how much you tug on the string.

Rumination, hurricane of worry
with an Eye so calm the air is paralyzed,
while self-indulgent chaos destroys genuine action,
thoughts spiraling out and out
breaking connections.

Rumination, where obsession becomes your possession,
cherished and played with all day
while life is gradually swept away.

Let go of the spinning top
and let the momentum settle,
there is only so much you can do,
the rest is up to Them.


via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

Coffee buzz, coming up!

I’ve got a coffee buzz without any caffeine,
sunshine flooding my spleen,
if you know what I mean,
Cuz I’ve got
a thirst to improve,
be on the move,
find a new groove,
just like the Emperor ๐Ÿ˜‰
Taking time to make time,
to steadily climb
to ย that place where I feel sublime,
basking in my Springtime.

And I don’t mind missing sunny days,
cuz I’ve got flowers blooming at my place.

(Received some good news today, and these words rolled off my tongue. :))

From hesitating to creating

Hesitation is detrimental to creation
Opportunities sail on the river of time
but wait too long and they waterfall off the cliff,
smashing to bits on the jagged rocks below.

Jump in and grab them!
Even if you do not know how to swim,
the water is still shallow here
and you will not drown.

Wade out and pluck their lily petals
pink, violet, cloud blue, sunny yellow,
gathering them together
you have your own kaleidoscopic creation. ๐Ÿ™‚


via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

College memories

My footsteps quicken against the pavement
as I turn walking into jogging,
breath coming out in short gasps against my chest
which rises and falls like a wave,
I can feel a tsunami building.

Running now,
my feet smack-smacking against the pavement,
vision jaggedly darting
like an EEG during epilepsy,
pavement sky tree person building bike rack umbrella
So it isn’t just my sweat soaking into my collar,
the sky has turned on a sprinkler.

But before it turns into a Niagara
I am up!
one, two, three, four
and In!

Snaking through the halls
left right left
I find the door and walk in

to take an exam.


via Daily Prompt: Quicken

Finding my center

Finding my center of balance
I wiggle
and fall
face down onto the floor
Face pancake
Face red, face stinging, face making mountains of wrinkles,
Face broken into tears.

“It’s okay. It’s okay to fall. You don’t have to be perfect,
Try again.” My yoga teacher says,
her soothing voice sashaying
through my center,
finding my center.

I stand,
Tree position,
left foot against my right thigh,
palms together at my heart,
feeling my center.

My center is rooted,
and stretches like branches
through my head and legs.

via Daily Prompt: Center